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We often get alot of questions, So we decided to post this page, because on a daily basis we get
questions, and we wanted to answers too, We would love to answer them and we look forward to
talking with you more.
Q. Where are you located at?
A. We live in a small town called Gwinn Michigan in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

Q. What type of Siamese do you breed?
A. At Sugars Cattery we breed Traditional applehead and classic Siamese.

Q. What other breeds do you breed?
A. We have Siamese, and Balinese, as well as colorpoints (lynx)

Q. What is the difference in the four colors?
A. Seal points are the darkest of the four colors and the color that most people think of
as a "traditional" Siamese color.  Chocolate points have lighter brown points (often
times milk chocolate in color) with a whiter body.  They tend to keep the contrast in
their bodies even as they get older, unlike seal points which get much darker with
age.  Blue points have grayish-blue points and a slightly shaded body.  Lilac points
are the
lightest of the four colors, and stay white in the body even when they are older.

Q. What registry's are your cats registered with?
A. Our cats are registered with CFA  

Q. Will a male cat spray after he is neutered?
A. No, there is no reason to worry about this.  The odds of your neutered male
spraying are about the same as a female spraying (very unlikely!), therefore, don't let it
affect your decision on gender!  Just be sure to get him neutered at the appropriate
age, preferably before six months old .

Q. Do you offer a discount on kittens?
A. Our kittens are sold as pets. We do offer a discount on two or more kittens.  We also
offer a discount to repeat buyers. We also offer a discount to miltery families with
proof of miltery id.

Q. Do you sell kittens for less without 'papers'?
A. No. A reputable breeder should always give the registration slip for every kitten
they sell.  It does not cost very much to register a litter of kittens, and if a breeder is
selling cats without papers, it usually means that they don't have papers (or breeding
rights) on the parents, and therefore shouldn't be breeding the cats in the first place.

Q. Do you ever sell adult cats?
A. We occasionally have retired adults available.  Very rarely we have a younger cat
that we hold back for ourselves and then decide we are not going to breed the cat.

Q. What is a 'Retired Adult'?
A. A 'Retired Adult' is an adult cat that was part of our breeding program and has now
been spayed or neutered, and 'retired' from our breeding program.  It isn't possible for
us to keep every one of our retired breeders, and they deserve to go to a pet home
where they can get more individual attention and enjoy being spoiled, just like one of
our kittens.

Q. Why do purebred kittens cost so much?
A. There are many factors that affect the price of purebred cats.  Responsible breeders
put a LOT of money into their breeding program.  This is usually not a profitable
venture.  A responsible breeder will spend from $1200-$2000+ on the breeding cats
that they purchase in order to get a cat from a reputable line with registration papers
and breeding rights.  Expensive premium food, supplements, litter and vet bills for an
entire cattery adds up very quickly.  There are also advertising costs, cattery
registration and inspection fees, and individual kitten, cat, and litter registration costs.  
Our adult cats are tested regularly for FeLV etc. Along with various health screening
tests done for breeding cats.  Breeders also face unexpected vet bills such as
cesarean sections, pyometras, etc.  Most people are not prepared to house an 'intact'
male that sprays, and must then build special accommodations for him, or even more
than one male, which can add up to a considerable expense.

Q. Do you sell cats for breeding?
A. We do not sell kittens or cats for breeding sorry. To many bad eggs out there that
have ruined it for others sorry and we want to make sure our kittens are going to
homes that do not cage and WILL treat our babies like family members like they
deserve to be treated.
We will not sell breeders no exceptions.

Q. Do you offer stud service?
A. No. For the health of all of our cats and kittens we keep a closed cattery, which
means we do not offer stud service to anyone.

Q. Do you guarantee your kittens?
A. Yes.  Our kittens are guaranteed in writing to be in good health without any known
genetic defects.  We give a 72 hour health guarantee and a congenital defects
guarantee for the first two years of the kittens life. Our kittens are guaranteed for
health and temperament.  New owners must take their kitten to a licensed veterinarian
for a heath check within 72 hours of purchase in order for this guarantee to be valid.  

Q. How old are your kittens when you sell them?
A. We let our  kittens at 12-13 weeks of age or older to go to their forever homes.  NO
EXCEPTIONS!!!  If you would like more information on why kittens must be a certain
age before being sold, please see this link
How young is too young?

Q. Has my kitten been dewormed?
A. Yes.  We deworm all of our kittens.  

Q. Do you sell with a contract?
A. Yes.  Our kittens are sold with a contract.  We require that our kittens are kept
indoors.  Neutering or spaying is REQUIRED between six months of age and no later
than seven months of age for females and nine months of age for males. Please call or
email me I would love to show you my contract anytime emailing you a copy.  

Q. Can my kitten go outdoors?
A. NO.................

Q. Do you accept personal checks?
A. Sorry no we rather not, However we accept  cash, or paypal , we also take credit
and debit cards..... NO exceptions.

Q. Do you accept deposits for kittens?
A. Yes, we will accept a deposit/holding fee to hold kittens.  Half the purchase price
(minimum of $400 depending on kitten ) is requested.  We will not accept deposits
unless we believe that we will have a kitten for you within a short period of time.  We
will NOT hold a kitten without a deposit, no exceptions!  Deposits are non-refundable,
unless a kitten does not become available within one year. If you pay full price for a
kitten and change your mind, the price is non-refundable, but can be transferred to
another kitten within one year of equal. No exceptions!

Q. Do you give military discounts?
A. Yes we proudly do. Just show us your military id by scanning it and sending it to us
in a email or showing it to us in person and we will be happy to give a military
discount, as a thank you for your services.

Q. What brand of food do you feed your cats?
A. We feed "Blue Buffalo"

Q. What type of kitty litter do you use?
A. We use Tidy Cat for the cats and for the kittens we use Sweatscoop..... But  switch
the kittens over to Tidy Cat  before they leave our home.........

Q. One Kitten vs. Two?
A. One Kitten vs.Two As a long standing  cat breeder I often get the question… One
kitty or two, which is best? Personally, I myself have never raised just one kitten alone.
While I feel that we humans can offer a great deal of love and nurturing there is a
special type of feline companionship and interaction that cannot be duplicated or
reproduced by human beings. Felines crave two types of interaction for a healthy
mental self esteem: 1.)  Human Fellowship 2.) Feline Friendship. I know that adopting
two at the same time is not always an option but if possible it is always best to pair
them up with a furry friend within that first year of life.
The other question people often ask me is what gender combinations are best to go
I always say the same thing: MALE/MALE or MALE/FEMALE but to avoid
FEMALE/FEMALE unless they are adopted at the same time and are either litter mates
or nursery mates (born within a 2-3 month age range of one another). OK, I think this
pretty much covers “My thoughts” on…ONE vs. TWO Because we feel strongly that
pairs are better than one we offer a “Buddy Discount." $100 off each regular priced
kitten and a $400 shipping package (must be shipped together) it doesn't cost
anymore to ship one or two kittens as long as they as shipped together. As for
delivery, we only charge a flat rate either if you have one kitten or two.

Q.  Health & Conditions?

A. Our Cattery (as well as our kittens/cats) are negative for both Feline Leukemia Virus
(FeLV) and Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV). There is no way to guarantee against
FIP.  Fip is a mutation of Feline Corona virus, over which there is much controversy
between Vets, Breeders, Scientist and the general public. Most, if not all, multi cat
households, will have been exposed to the Corona virus at some time. At this point
there is no way to determine, which, if any, kitten may go on to develop FIP. Usually
there is no development of this disease, and it's the rare few in which the virus mu,
tates into the deadly disease. Learn more about this heartbreaking feline disease,
excellent article by Dr. Susan Little If you give your kitten any vaccines for the FIP,
contract will be null and void.

Will not honor health guarantee if cat or kitten experiences any of the following:

*Is vaccinated against FIP (feline infectious peritonitis) or FelV (feline leukemia virus)

*Cat or kitten is allowed to roam outdoors.

*Cat or kitten has been physically abused or neglected.